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Product Lighting
There is a minimum 1 hour labor charge of $150.00 / any time thereafter would be $80.00 Hr.
All workmanship on any Invoice has a 100% Guarantee - Materials on the Invoice have the manufacturer's warranty.
 Scheduled Service     150.00 / 80.00         Electrician Rates         Urgent Service   $ 150.00 /125.00
Business Electrical Service

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Exit Egress
Product Lighting is a great method of helping emphasize the items on display truly showing its quality and making it easier for your customer to evaluate the products for purchase.

Storefront Lighting is important for highlighting the entrance of your business including to create the 
secure and welcoming feel for 
your customers.
Exit and Egress lighting systems
are an important factor for customer and employee safety not to mention local fire codes require these systems to be fully functional.

L​ED Lighting has become the popular choice in retrofitting less efficient lighting systems, especially for large warehouse buildings which require vast areas of needed illumination. 

Charging Station circuits are one of the many needed investments for those businesses requiring power to charge their forklifts or other battery operated product movers.

Workstation power is a common request with many large businesses allowing their employees to have the necessary resources for their computers and needed tools.
Electric Heater circuits for large open areas like warehouses or garages are helpful during those cold seasons when comfort is important for employee performance.

Dedicated Circuits for large loads are often necessary within many businesses to assure the demand of several pieces of equipment can be utilized during the same timeframe.

Problem Solving known as troubleshooting is necessary when issues arise through slow deterioration or excessive heat which can stop production immediately. 

Testing Electrical may be needed to assure proper power functionality is achievable sometimes needing to add or upgrade wiring or power distribution panels.