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100 Amp 120/240v  ......................   3,800.00 - 4,100.00   Utilities Over Head
200 Amp 120/240v  ......................   4,300.00 - 4,600.00   Utilities Over head
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The need for more breaker space to handle additional circuit loads for lighting, appliances or
heating elements.

Breakers typically (15+ years old) tend to lose their thermal shut off capability, which eliminates the
chance of excessive electrical pressure (amperage) to overheat the electrical conductors. 

Irreversible damage to electrical buss bars within the breaker panel caused by micro arcing creates
porous surfaces allowing for excessive heat and further arching to occur, in time melting connection
points of the circuit breaker and potentially becoming a major hazard. This is commonly seen as flickering or fluttering affects within the lighting circuits.

​What happens is the circuit breaker provides a regulated volume of wattage, a 20 amp circuit breaker at 120v allows for 2400 watts of capability or volume. the breaker turns off within seconds of exceeding that value. This protects the wiring also rated at the 2400 watt value, adding to many items to a single circuit will overload the system telling the thermal heat rated circuit breaker to turn off.

The first thing is to contact utilities they come out provide a free meter spot location to determine if the existing location is fine or if it needs to move based on updated utility standards. this is the best time for them to remove their meter lock as well.

The home owner or electrician purchases the permit allowing for the future inspection, assuring the new panel is approved by local and city standards. After approval the utility gets notified and permanently reconnects the service lines while locking their meter.

An electrical permit may seem inconvenient although aside from being a requirement your investment deserves the city stamp of approval not only for resale purposes but for your protection.

Upgrading your electrical service also upgrades the fault current protection of your water and gas lines throughout the home from ever remaining energized. Grounding rods as well are driven into 
the earth providing protection from internal stray voltages and to divert distant lighting strikes from surging throughout the living space.

Q ) Would a new panel upgrade correct my circuit breakers
     that keep turning off.

A ) You are experiencing a circuit over load issue which will
     not be resolved with a new panel installation.

Q ) Do I really need an electrical permit.

A ) Yes, many reasons noted below help protect you.

Electrical Panel Upgrade Questions / Answers :

Q ) Do I really need an Electrical Panel Upgrade.

A ) Answers to this question would involve the list below.

Panel Upgrading Expert
Whole Panel Surge Protection
  • Meter Spot / Lock Remove
  • Electrical Permit
  • Disconnect Utility Wires
  • Removal Old Panel
  • Install New Panel
  • Install Riser (if needed)
  • Install New Breakers

  • Reconnect Utility Wires
  • Install 2 Ground Electrodes
  • Bond Water - Gas Lines

  • Label Breakers
  • Call Inspector
  • Utility Locks Meter

100 Amp 120/240v  ......................   2,800.00 - 3,200.00   Utilities Under Ground
200 Amp 120/240v  ......................   3,300.00 - 3,700.00   Utilities Under Ground
Affordable Prices
Quality Service
This page involves the pricing and costs associated with replacing , installing or upgrading electrical panels , upgrading electrical panels from 100 to 200 amp. 
There is a minimum 1 hour labor charge of $150.00 / any time thereafter would be $80.00 Hr.
All workmanship on any Invoice has a 100% Guarantee - Materials on the Invoice have the manufacturer's warranty.
 Scheduled Service     150.00 / 80.00         Electrician Rates         Urgent Service   $ 150.00 /125.00
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Electrical Panel Upgrades