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Ceiling Fans are always a great choice for any given space, Exterior fans are very common and provide several benefits, they cut back on annoying flying insects, they move the air during those times when no breeze is present plus they add a flair of design to a space which will compliment the outside area

Hot Tubs and Spa's are a very nice upgrade to any home or space and aside from bringing a valuable luxury to your cherished home, they also bring many years of relaxation and soothing therapy.

Pricing an electrical power source for these types of units vary based on the distance from the Panel including the size of the required GFCI power to be used.
Recessed Lighting is more than just a light source, it's also an extension of the homes decor adding architectural value as well as a functional value, Insight regarding bulb type housings and trims used dramatically change the effect of the desired outcome. 

Prices vary based on lighting design and ceiling space conditions which all play a roll in materials to be used.
The Price of Electrical Panel Upgrades can vary based on existing wiring conditions, city guidelines and electric utility location requirements. These factors define the cost of the needed upgrade.

Do not have a panel upgrade without notifying the authorities noted above, this can cost more money and possibly require the panel to be removed and relocated causing additional cost to the property owner.
GFCI Protection is needed within kitchens, bathrooms, garages including receptacles out side at ground level locations . 

This Ground Fault technology is a simple and smart way of protecting people from the dangers stray voltages caused from either wiring methods, cracked insulation or more common conditions like moisture or other conductive elements allowing voltages to inadvertently energize the normally protected metal surfaces of an appliance or it's surrounding  area. 
Surge Protection shown in this photo with 2 green lights indicates a safe condition, providing a secure and easy way to protects all the electronics within your home from dangerous spikes of voltage which can occur through natural causes like distant lightning strikes or even the occasional power company servicing their lines without our knowledge. 

When voltage spikes occur through the mentioned conditions, electronic can become internally damaged and many times need to be replaced.
Flat Screen TV's mounted on wall spaces are always an incredible improvement to any room or area, with the lack of hanging wires or cables this installation creates a safe and secure home entertainment environment that enhances the whole families viewing experience . 

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Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors have become a necessity in home residency, something as simple as this detector can be one of the most valuable choices any homeowner could ever make.

These Detectors are to be located in any bedroom and in connecting hallways or upper stairwell landings, Hardwired with a rechargeable battery is the best way to go.
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This page involves the pricing and costs of replacing , installing or upgrading electrical panels , recessed lighting adding hot tub spa or car charge circuits including the pricing and costs of replacing , installing of upgrading smoke detectors , flat screen tv's  plus bath or kitchen GFI protection.

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