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951 751 2297
There is a minimum 1 hour labor charge of $150.00 / any time thereafter would be $80.00 Hr.
All workmanship on any Invoice has a 100% Guarantee - Materials on the Invoice have the manufacturer's warranty.
 Scheduled Service     150.00 / 80.00         Electrician Rates         Urgent Service   $ 150.00 /125.00
Panel Upgrading is a great way to provide your residence with more circuit space and amperage volume, an electrical permit is required and included within the cost.

Transfer Switches allow for a residence to alternate between Utility power and Generated power if needed due to power outages.
EV Charger circuits can be very affordable the main cost factor would be the distance from panel and the breaker space availability within the electrical panel.

Hot Tub or Spa circuits can be a little expensive due to the cost of copper wire and the overall distance from the panel source, although the benefits of such an investment clearly outweigh the cost of the needed circuit.

Recessed Lighting Installations are truly an amazing solution to any space within the home, LED lighting has developed some really great products. 

Landscape Lighting for any yard space brings a warm and inviting tone to ones trees and shrubs at night, great for security, while entertaining or just for relaxation.
Remodel Work can be a long process with all the various trades involved, the upside outweighs any negative because the addition will bring value and customization to your home

Wall TV which gets mounted on the wall is a pretty simple process for an electrician, the lack of exposed cords truly adds a much cleaner and less distracting visual.
CCTV Camera hardwired installations can take some time although cord supplied cameras truly are the best method, while mounting a security monitor and DVR for occasional viewing or playback

Attic Ventilation is a must in any home even though you have an AC, the ability to remove the heat from an attic during the summer truly reduces the run time of  AC's for long periods.
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