• Code Violations are potentially serious electrical alterations and in many cases can be hazardous .
  • Home Owners may attempt the work themselves and may not realize they have violated an electrical code.
  • Many unskilled tradesmen attempt simple Electrical Installations and unknowingly create a violation.
  • National Electrical Codes are updated every 4 years and need to be reviewed by Electricians regularly.
  • Mark Perry has been a certified and licensed Electrician of California for 24 years and can be trusted.
This is a violation because the panel in the background is not accessible for servicing. There is a minimum of 18 inches clearance needed in front of any access point of electrical connections and a 3 foot clearance to stand in front of such service area's.

What was that plumber thinking..
This code violation is the lack of a panel cover because this picture shows the circuit breakers are exposed to the outside elements. Although more convenient for the home owner this panel could easily catch fire during a moderate rain storm.
This is a true headache for any electrician aside from the numerous code violations. Your looking at the neutral side of a receptacle which has an orange and black sharing one connection screw, the wire color on this side shown should only be white..
This Grounding Cable is designed to allow any fault current that may occur whether it's an internal fault surge or an external surge, to go to Earth's Ground. Without this important connection fault current could remain energized on various metal surfaces where any power source is plugged in.
More indications of moisture and insects finding their way into an enclosure which is suppose to be dry and clean.
This is a more serious violation, There is a cover called a Dead Front cover and its purpose is to separate the home owner from the dangerous metal parts inside the panel. It looks like anyone could easily touch the dangerous metals parts as well as turn off the breaker.
The problem with this picture is there is no lense but the real concern is notice the brown area of the fixture. This is from overheating by using a bulb that exceeded the rating of the fixture.Do not put a bulb in that provides more wattage (heat) than the fixture can handle.
 This picture shows a common violation,not bonding the plug to the box. Notice the small hole next to the large one, that is for the bonding screw for the ground wire which in turn creates a bond to the plug for protection in the event of a fault current. The large opening is also a violation.
The white tells any electrician that works on this device that white wire is the neutral ( the - ) Normally there would be a black or red or any other hot color indicating (the +) It just so happens aside from the wiring being all the same color the actual neutral was connected through the switch.
This is pretty common and is a violation, The loose conduit which shows gaps between the panel and the connector has diminished the weather proofing of the enclosure and at the same time has minimized the fault current capability of the grounding bond between the two metal surfaces.
Non metallic flat cable type wire installations need to enter any electrical enclosure using an approved cable connector,to prevent wires from becoming cut on the openings edge. The yellow cable is not using a connector.
This violation is not as dangerous although without proper support against a structure, the chances of these energy filled conduits becoming weakened and susceptible to further damage is inevitable.
The reasoning for the code making electrical wires to be atleast 6 inches from the outer edge of a box is mainly for servicing the device they attach to. These wires are to short to work on.
This violation would be more directed at preventing elements from getting into the area of the connections whether it's moisture or even insects. If there are any unused openings in the box itself they will need to be covered so if a flame was to appear it would stay contained better.
This is what happens to an electrical junction box when the box itself is not rated for weather or insects...All the debris seen surrounding this device can allow for fault or leaking voltage to energize the metal enclosure for the unsuspecting person to come in contact.with.

  • Any of these code violations above can in fact create an unforeseen danger, its just a matter of when.
  • Problems or potential hazards only occur under prime conditions of various factors.
  • Any of these violations can be easily remedied and at reasonable prices rather than the cost of an accident.

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